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Hacking in 17 easy steps

  Subj: Learn To hack in 17 easy

"How do you hack"? "I want to learn hacking". "What's a FAQ"?
"What does warez mean"? "Please send hacking info". "Where
can I get "? "How can I
get the password for "? "How do I crack "?

Does this sound like you? Are you one of those AOL/Compuserve/Delphi/
Prodigy/whatever wanna-be's or lamers who needs to learn how to hack?
And nobody will even speak to you much less send you any info???

Fear not!!! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to become
a hacker. Simply follow the instructions given below, and when
you get to the end you will be a real hacker.

To everyone else (ie the people who actually belong in this
newsgroup), sorry for wasting your bandwidth. You might want
to skip the rest of this article...

Ok, here are the step-by-step instructions. Follow them exactly
and you will be a real internet hacker. Once you are comfortable
with internet hacking, you can branch out into other areas...

[1] If you are reading this article through one of the big
online systems (ie AOL), call them up right away and tell them
that you will no longer be needing their services. If you are
on AOL (or other similar service), you are automatically defined
as a lamer and a loser who has no hope. Do you want this label
to follow you around for the rest of your life??? Get out before
it is too late! Besides, as many others have told you here

[2] Get a real SL/IP account. If you want to hack the internet,
you will need to be directly connected to the net, and SL/IP
basically does this. You could use PPP instead, but I don't
want to confuse your poor little brain with too much info at
once. So for now, find an internet provider who will set up
SL/IP access for you.

[3] Now, most of the net runs on unix like operating systems,
right? So naturally, you have to do the same. So run right
down to your local computer store and buy a unix type operating
system, and several books on unix. The easiest (and cheapest)
way to go is with one of the multi-cd Linux sets. I recommend
you get the Slackware release on CD. Don't have a CD ROM? Get
one while you are at the store (real hackers don't mind spending
a little money on computer hardware once and a while).

[4] Re-partition your hard drive so you will have room for
a Linux partition. You'll need, hmmm, let's say about 340 megs.
This should get you started. If your hard drive isn't large
enough for Dos and Windoze as well as Linux, then remove Dos
and Windoze completely. They are for lamers anyway. If your
hard drive isn't even big enough for just Linux, then head
back to the computer store.

[5] Read all the installation instructions for Linux. Then
read them again, because you missed some important stuff the
first time. Then read them a third time just to be sure.

[6] Install Linux on on your system. Follow the instructions
you read in step 5. Install everything, but especially the
net stuff, the programming stuff, and the docs, FAQs, man pages,
etc. Once you have everything installed, reboot and log in.

[7] Read the kernel docs/FAQ/How-To. Read this stuff again,
only more slowly, because you didn't understand everything
the first time. Now recompile your kernel to make a custom
kernel for your system. Still don't know what a kernel is or
why you should recompile it? Or you don't know how to recompile
the kernel??? Then you didn't read or you don't understand
all the stuff i told you to read. You are still a lamer and
a loser, so try again.

[8] Got your new kernel compiled? Ok, install it, and re-run
lilo. Re-boot with your custom kernel. If your system boots
up properly to Linux, then congrats! You are 5% of the way
out of lamerland!

[9] Now that you are running a real OS, read all the docs,
man pages, how-to's, FAQs, etc. Of course, you won't understand
most of it right away, but read all this stuff anyway, so you
will know where to look later. Read it all? Ok, go back and
read it again.

[10] Next play with your nice new OS. Learn everything you
can about it. Spend a little time exploring and learning the
system. You'll need, hmmm, let's say about a year. After playing
with the system for about a year, go on to step 11 (if you
were never on AOL etc, then you probably don't need the full
year, maybe only about a month or so).

[11] Now configure your system for SL/IP and accessing the
net. When you installed Linux in the first place, you ran the
netconfig script, but that didn't set up everything for you!
You still have some text files to edit, and you need to set
up DIP if you are going to be accessing the net via modem.

[12] Now learn to use the basic net tools, like ftp, archie,
telnet, fsp, sendmail, etc. Play with them on the net a bit.
No, you still aren't a hacker (you are only 10% out of lamerland),
but at this point you might possibly know enough to actually
ask a partly intelligent question on the net.

[13] Ok, now learn to program. Get some books on stuff like
C, C++, Perl, Unix programming, etc. Read them. Read them again,
because most of what you read the first time confused you.
Now play with Perl, C, C++ on your system until you can actually
program. Now practice programming for a while until you get
at least a little good at it. Give yourself another year or
two of practice.

[14] Now you need to get and read all the RFCs. These contain
information that is vital if you want to hack the net. Again,
you didn't understand everything the first time, so read them
all again.

[15] Now, subscribe to a few security related mailing lists
and newsgroups. Read them, ignoring all the trash (messages
like the ones *you* used to post). Whatever you do, DON'T POST
ANYTHING, because nobody wants to read anything you have to
say yet. Just lurk for a year or two.

[16] You should now have enough info to try some simple hacks,
so try some simple hacks. If they work, great, you are almost
a junior hacker. If they don't work, then do some more reading
and try again. Don't give up, keep at it even if it takes you
a few years.

[17] Explore the net. Try things. Look for security holes.
Read a lot of source code. Write some hacking utilities. At
this point, you are now a real junior hacker. Congrats! You
*might* now be welcome back in alt.2600 (as long as nobody
remembers you were once on AOL).

 This whole process does take a little bit of time, but it
is the quickest way for an AOLer to learn to hack. Some of
you AOLers don't have the brain power to complete the above
17 steps, but try anyway...

The most important part in all of this is to remember, DON'T
True, this might take you a few years, but it will be worth
the wait. If you post anything too early, people will know
that you are still a lamer and wanna-be, and everyone will
laugh at you and flame you and call you nasty names, just like
when you were on AOL.

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